We deliver AI-powered Food Recognition in high traffic foodservice environments to help you save time and increase sales.

NEUROLABS FOOD Recognition as a service

Our food recognition algorithms are trained on high-quality synthetic data that is generated in Virtual Environments using unique proprietary techniques.

Minimal client data.  

Fast time-to-deployment.   


State-of-the-art accuracy.  


Fast onboarding of new menu products.  

Continuous learning.  


Easy to integrate.  

NEUROLABS Food recognition solutions IN Hospitality

We apply cutting edge AI-enabled Computer Vision in high traffic foodservice environments. We integrate our Computer Vision solutions with advanced hardware systems in order to speed up processes in hospitality.

Autonomous Checkout

A comprehensive solution to the issues of the current point of sale service in cafeterias.

We automatically recognise all products on the tray, reducing the checkout process to an average of 1.5 seconds.

Automated Food Inspection

A Computer Vision food recognition solution employed in the kitchen to ensure pre-defined food standards are followed: count number of different food items; check for food arrangement; or check for portion control and food quality.

Food items: 2

Food arrangement: std

Portion: std

[     ]

Food items: 4

Food arrangement: x

Portion: x

[     ]


348 calories

Fried cheese

145 calories

Mashed potato

174.3 calories

Green beans

44 calories

Monitoring Nutrition Intake

Accurate volumetric detection & estimation of food products using depth cameras allows for automated assessment of nutrient intake.

Monitoring Food Waste

A food recognition solution in the kitchen or in the tray disposable area in order to accurately analyse food trays post-consumption, food consumption trends and food waste.


"At RBTE in 2019, we met with Neurolabs, and since then things have progressed very rapidly. Using existing hardware components we pieced together a solution for unattended check-out in cafés/bakeries and canteens offering tray servings. They were present at our CCPC (Co-Creation Partner Conference) event in Munich and outperformed everything we have previously seen in recognising objects on the tray. In January 2020, Neurolabs showcased their technology at our Industrial IoT World Partner Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, on new bespoke hardware we have developed for this application."

Styrbjörn Torbacke
Head of iCity Services – Europe

"The advantage of this automated checkout solution is that it allows our canteen staff, so far involved in serving and collecting, to focus on meeting other customer needs, monitoring the process of replacing traditional cashiers with the cashless solution and measuring its impact, at least in the first months after implementation."

Vlad Buzoianu 

CEO of CBC Campus - Romania

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