the power of synthetic data

Could synthetic data be the answer to the question of how to train AI models efficiently and effectively? We think so!

If you're not using computer VIsion to recognize objects 

The reason is largely due to the fact that traditional Computer Vision approaches imply an expensive and slow manual process for acquiring and annotating vast amount of data and still deliver dissapointing results.

McKinsey report listed data labelling as the biggest obstacle to Computer Vision adoption in the industry. 

NEUROLABS IS democratising Computer Vision 

We empower you, whether small or large enterprise, to implement state-of-the-art CV applications with minimal incremental resources and costs.


We are breaking down the adoption barriers and enable you rapid development of object recognition solutions across multiple use cases and industries.


Neurolabs synthetic data Generation

using 3D models in Virtual Environments

Optimal training datasets

Additional data modalities

Diverse synthetic datasets  

State-of-the-art model performance

Photo-realistic simulation of complex real-life scenarios

Synthetic datasets on-the-fly

We train Deep Learning algorithms with synthetically generated data to provide massive rich and diverse low-cost data sets in a fraction of time. 


No coding
No image gathering
No data labelling
State-of-the-art accuracy

We help our partners automate generic object recognition tasks 20X faster and 100X cheaper,  in industries ranging from hospitality to retail and manufacturing.  

Below are just a few of the things you can detect with Neurolabs Computer Vision Technology.

Autonomous checkout lines in Hospitality
Utensils inventory in Healthcare
Quality control in Manufacturing
Localisation and control in Robotics
Crop grading and sorting in Agriculture
Recycling sorting

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