Using the Power of Synthetic Data in Computer Vision.

Join our webinar and find out why Neurolabs promises to make object recognition accurate and affordable.

Created by an experienced team of masters and PhD computer scientists and mathematicians.

Attend our free webinar to find out more about our CV approach.

We are hosting a free webinar to discuss why we believe synthetic data is the key for better object detection models and large scale industry adoption of Computer Vision. During a 1 hour online meeting you will have the chance to meet our team, join a meaningful conversation and ask questions.

On the agenda:

  • What is state of the art for Object Detection in Computer Vision? Where is the problem?

  • How can computers generate realistic images at scale?

  • How to generate synthetic data for Deep Learning?


Hosted by:

  • Remus Pop - Co-founder & COO,

  • Markus Schläfli - Head of Simulation, and

  • Nicoleta Proștean - Head of Business Development