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We help our partners automate generic object recognition tasks.

Neurolabs Object Recognition Solutions

Whether you are a small or a large enterprise, Neurolabs is the perfect AI partner to help you automate visual tasks, providing you a Computer Vision technology that is universally applicable across industries and scales. If you want to recognise food, identify defects or monitor your car park, we have the right recognition model for you.

in the NEW Reality, Post-COVID-19 

Choosing Neurolabs Technology, you will accelerate automation within your organization. We help you speed up operations, cut down operational time, reduce time spent in public places, reduce human presence & interaction, ensure a cash free and safe environment.

Social distance thinking may be part of our DNA moving forward.


Customers want to be served at a speed that does not drastically impede on their time. This is particularly acute in busy staff canteens, sports stadiums, museums.

Current alternatives to the traditional point of sale systems haven't solved the problem.


Availability of products is the new battleground in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

No real-time visibility on the shelves causes out-of-stock and missed sales opportunities.


While visual inspection is one of the most widely used for surface defects inspection, human speed and weariness are often limiting factors in achieving the target cycle times.



Utensils counting is a vital process in order to ensure the highest level of patient safety.

It is performed various times throughout every operation - takes around 8.6 mins to complete every time.

It is highly subject to human error!

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