By leveraging the latest Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Neurolabs optimises stocks for retailers, reducing safety stock and improving profit margins.

We target all issues occurring in the supply chain, from forecasting to on-shelf monitoring. There is no burden on the client, as our solution integrates with most IT providers


Our services


Demand forecasting

Acting under uncertainty is what retailers do on a daily basis. We help better understand the conditions under which you operate, by leveraging intelligent algorithms used in a sensible way.

The start of the journey begins with demand forecasting. We developed state-of-art deep learning models that account for market dynamics, by taking in account over 40 relevant external factors. Weather for example is a major influence on the sales volumes of retailers, but this alone is far from telling the whole picture. We are accounting for everything from competitor pricing and store location to local events and economic factors.



Ultra-fresh is the hardest segment to manage and we know it. Products with reduced shelf life are high risk - high reward products, therefore we make it one of our top focus areas.

We integrate our solution directly with the clients’ infrastructure in order to bridge the gap between forecasting, ordering and supply. Our algorithms allow us to automatically update the orders based on dynamic customer demand, while keeping the whole process running smoothly.

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Our clients want a better understanding of their customers such that they better serve their needs.

With the help of specialised customer segmentation algorithms we leverage their sales data in relation to their clients, products and services and any other relevant data available such as unstructured text, to help them target and understand their customers better.


Promotion planning

Up to 40% of the overall turnover is influenced by promotions. With the stakes so high, we dedicate an extra level of attention to promotion planning and execution.

We maximise the sales potential while reducing risks through carefully monitoring the promotional items and rate them by performance. We then build the stock based on customised forecasting and we account for logistics and supplier limitations.


On-shelf availability

Our discrete in-store camera solution provides retailers with on-site intelligence by monitoring the availability of each product on the shelf. The teams’ extensive experience in Computer Vision gives us an edge on the competition when it comes to image segmentation and classification.

The relevant information for the retailer can be accessed directly via a smartphone with our one-click solution.