Front-end Engineer

About the role

Our users are happy users. That is because they find our product easy to use and they get real value out of it. We count on you to make our interface as smooth as possible and we trust your engineering skills just as much as we trust your designer skills. You must be confident of handling a subcomponent on your own as we will trust your judgement from day 1.

About us

Here at Neurolabs, we want to help bridge the gap between academia and real world applications. We are starting by using state-of-art deep learning algorithms to help retail chains optimise their stocks and reduce food waste. We split our time between London and Cluj and we will be working remotely most of the time.

About you

You will be a part of a fast growing startup, ready to take on a new challenge every day. You will learn on the job and you will feel that your work brings a real contribution to the product. We value your input and you will have a say in our company’s future. We trust you as an adult and you will be expected to use your better judgement to budget your time and efforts.

You Are

  • An experienced engineer, with at least one successful product launch

  • Able to build highly robust and scalable systems

  • Experienced with JavaScript (React, Redux) but we don’t mind what tech stack you’ve used, we believe great Software Engineers can learn quickly.

  • A team player. You understand that problem solving is a team effort and will help others learn and develop.

  • An architect at heart, who understands the balancing act between crafting a robust, lasting solution and getting work done.

  • Excited to have your work used by real people to solve real problems.

  • Passionate for quality code. You take pride in your Stack Overflow reputation, side projects, or open source contributions.

We Are

  • A team of engineers and scientists, who strive to make a real impact with their work.

  • Fans of rapid iteration.

  • Passionate about science.

  • A family. We believe in each other and we treat everyone as equal.