Coming together is the beginning.  Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success. Henry Ford

Our story

Established in September 2018, Neurolabs is a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence start-up, created by an experienced team of masters and PhD computer scientists and mathematicians.


We have created a unique computer vision solution using deep learning and synthetically generated data to accurately recognize objects.



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Paul Pop  

CEO & Co-founder

Has led a team of Data Scientists that developed a Computer Vision solution for detecting football players used in the top 10 professional football leagues.

With 7 years experience as a software dev/data scientist.

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Patric Fulop

CTO & Co-founder

Background in Physics and Machine Learning, specialising on generative models and metric learning with 3+ years in software development at JP Morgan (London). 

Conference appearances at Neurips, ODSC, ICLR.

  • Remus Pop LinkedIn

Remus Pop

COO & Co-founder

Strong analytical background, +3 years building risk models and forecasting algorithms at Bank of America (London), 2 Masters in AI & Maths. 

Job openings

Machine Learning Engineer

Permanent Contract

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Senior Software Engineer

Permanent Contract

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Some of our achievements 


Bayes Centre

47 Potterrow

Edinburgh, EH8 9BT  

United Kingdom


Silicon Forest

9 Cotita, Cluj-Napoca

400104 Cluj


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