Business Developer

About the role

This is a great opportunity for someone with a background in business/product development and/or growth strategy to lead AI business development in an area that can have a hugely positive effect on our startup. Somebody that works towards knowing the ins and outs of the retail market. Somebody to actively bridge the gap between our team’s technical expertise and the burning problems of the retail market.

About us

Here at Neurolabs, we want to help bridge the gap between academia and real world applications. We are starting by using state-of-art deep learning algorithms to help retail chains optimise their stocks and reduce food waste. We split our time between London and Cluj and we will be working remotely most of the time.

About you

You will be a part of a fast growing startup, ready to take on a new challenge every day. You will learn on the job and you will feel that your work brings a real contribution to the product. We value your input and you will have a say in our company’s future. We trust you as an adult and you will be expected to use your better judgement to budget your time and efforts.

You Are

  • Ready to take on major responsibilities regarding the business applications of our technical solutions.

  • Here to help with defining product/market fit and helping with the partnership development process.

  • Comfortable taking initiative with the market research, strategy, design and product development processes.

  • Happy to help us drive the development of the go to market strategy, positioning and pricing for new and existing products.

  • Agile and quick in thinking. There might be only once chance for talking to industry’s top brass.

  • Thorough and critical thinker. Disciplined in discovering and maintaining thorough, accurate, and detailed product requirements and use-cases/stories.

  • A team player. You understand that problem solving is a team effort and will help others learn and develop.

  • Excellent communicator. You’ll soon become comfortable translating business questions/issues from customers into technical language, and vice versa.

  • Ready to become a trusted advisor for our customers.

  • Excited to have your work used by real people to solve real problems.

We Are

  • A team of engineers and scientists, who strive to make a real impact with their work.

  • Fans of rapid iteration.

  • Passionate about science.

  • A family. We believe in each other and we treat everyone as equal.