We make Object Recognition Accurate and Affordable.

leverage the power of neurolabs' 

object recognition as a service!

We deliver Computer Vision-powered Object Recognition to help you automate tasks, boost your business, increase productivity and sales, while reducing costs.

our novel approach

Neurolabs is pioneering the use of synthetically generated data to develop object recognition models in a drastically cheaper and faster way than the traditional approach, pushing the accuracy beyond-human levels.

our solutions

Whether you are a small or a large enterprise, Neurolabs is the perfect AI partner to help you automate visual tasks, providing you a Computer Vision technology that is universally applicable across industries and scales. 

our ready-made detectors 

AI-powered Product Recognition in Grocery Retail
AI-powered Utensils Monitoring in Healthcare
AI-powered Visual Inspection in Manufacturing

our story

Neurolabs was founded in 2018 by a highly technical team of computer scientists and mathematicians who have known each other for more than 10 years, having studied together at the University of Edinburgh.

We have offices in Edinburgh, Scotland and Cluj Napoca, Romania.

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Bayes Centre

47 Potterrow

Edinburgh, EH8 9BT  

United Kingdom


Silicon Forest

1-7 Deva, Cluj-Napoca

400104 Cluj



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