Automation through

Machine Vision


Neurolabs offers a complete Machine Vision pipeline, customisable for client's needs, in 3 easy steps.


1. Scan

Take two photos of any product, or let us do that for you.

Scanning 2.png

2. Detect

We focus all our efforts on giving you the best Machine Vision product on the market. Give us an image and we’ll tell you what it’s inside.


3. Checkout

We automatically generate cashier receipts and we don’t need any human intervention in more than 94% of checkouts.




Automatic checkout

Lunch hours are the busiest time of day for canteens and cafeterias. Queues are long and getting a sandwich just takes too much of your lunch break. Using Neurolabs Zia checkout, your employees can focus on delivering a great service leaving the checkout process to us.

We integrate our Machine Vision solutions with advanced hardware systems (such as Advantech UTCs) in order to smooth the checkout experience and speed up the process. Our algorithms allow us to automatically recognise all products on the tray, reducing the checkout process to an average of 15 seconds.


On-Shelf Availability

Our technology is versatile and robust, allowing us to apply the same models to many problems - such as detecting products on the shelf.

Our discrete in-store camera solution provides retailers with on-site intelligence by monitoring the availability of each product on the shelf. The relevant information for the retailer can be accessed directly via a smartphone with our one-click solution.


Why Neurolabs?

Our goal is to develop the best product recognition system on the market.

Other companies approach the checkout problem from a variety of angles, such as tracking customers through the store and using a web of IoT devices to monitor product movement.

Neurolabs choses the direct, pragmatic approach: one camera at the checkout.

Have a look at our whitepaper for more details.


State-of-art results

We pride ourselves with the accuracy of our algorithms. At Neurolabs, we strive for quality and we commit to deliver.

Time saving

Checkout time is slashed to an average of 15 seconds per transaction.

Shrinkage reduction

Neurolabs helps eliminate shrinkage across the board, from mis-scans to ‘sweethearting’.


Real privacy

We don’t track your customers through the store. Really.

On-site processing

Processing on the device makes our solution reliable and has no dependency on an internet connection.

Right technology in the right place

We target the checkout problem when it occurs: at the moment the customer is done purchasing. Our use of computation power is highly efficient and allows us to offer great value for money.



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